Monday, 29 April 2013

Un-Hate, or Unethical? A Brief look at how an ethical message has become unethical - Post by Samuel Kallagher The website above is a great website to see some what recent ethical issues within design and this artical is very interesting as it explains how the online clothing brand "united colours of Benetton" campaign message of peace or "unhate" as they put it has caused mass controversy and is being branded unethical. Reading through the artical it makes a very valid point, is Benetton's using ethics/peace within their advertising campaign to try convince the world/target audience that they have a social/moral conscience and are not a brutal, penny pinching and child laboring clothing company?


  1. It's the whole "brand not product" thing innit.

    "United Colours of Benetton! We like love and peace! And equality! And diversity! We also make clothes sometimes."

    "Well, ok, we don't make the clothes but we get Indonesian kids to make them for starvation wages".


    They are always at it. Some don't even come accross as ethical.

  3. Meaning the initial message doesn't seem that ethical even without the underpinning.. ethical values to sell a product thing.