Friday, 19 April 2013

Milton Glaser and the ethics list

Milton Glaser and the Hypothetical Design Dilemmas. 

The problem is staying true to your moral code while getting enough to eat and paying rent.


  1. Definitely some I never thought of on this list. I don't think number two would be that bad.. I don't think you are going to like everything you design for surely?

  2. Briefs one to three don't seem too bad but as the list goes on they seem to get worse. I agree that you can't worry about if you like what your designing for. Although There must be a point were you learn to say no to things that are ethically wrong.

  3. Number two is not really that unethical. All advertising aims to sell a product and generally paints a pretty picture. So if you don't like a film, it shouldn't be that bad upselling it a little. Some of the others include danger, health implications etc which are harder to ignore.