Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Maccy Ds Product Placement in Childrens' Textbooks

I have been looking at the way children are advertised to. They apparently are missing the part of the brain that makes them able to tell when they are being persuaded to do something (sorry I can't remember where I read this because it was a couple of weeks ago!) Anyway, I have a few other bits in the pipeline on this subject but here is a starter.

This reading comprehension book from China, aimed at eight year olds, has been suspected of including product placement dues to its several references to McDonnalds.
" The article features a line where a hungry character has an urge to eat McDonalds's, stating that "after deciding to eat McDonald's, he felt much happier."

Source URL: http://news.echinacities.com/detail/65657-McDonalds-Reference-in-School-Textbook-Sparks-Product-Placement-Debate

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