Monday, 29 April 2013

In relation to post: A Graphic Designers Personal Ethics Question

“Regarding cigarettes, I don’t think the design of a cigarette pack encourages people to smoke. It only encourages people who already smoke to buy different cigarette brands." Airey then refers to alcohol packaging. “Alcohol causes much more problems than cigarettes, and I have designed lots of alcohol packaging. Where do you draw the line?”

It is accepted that most people in the UK drink alcohol, however, there is more of a stigma attached to smoking today. Unlike smoking, alcohol advertising is still allowed. Some adverts might just make you fancy a drink you weren't going to have. I wonder if alcohol advertising was banned, could the packaging alone persuade you to have a drink? Or as Airey suggests about cigarettes, would they just make you chose a certain brand. Some spirit companies make the bottle almost like a collectors item.

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